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No Net Cost Wellness Management

Imagine - a wellness program that helps recruit and retain employees!

Program Highlights

  • Unlimited Virtual Health Benefits
  • No Net Cost to Employer or Employee
  • Retain and Recruit Employees
  • Primary Care / Urgent Care
  • Wellness Concierge Service
  • Easy Appointment Scheduling & Management
  • Health Education
  • Care for the Entire Family
  • And so much more!
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Empowering Employees and Employers Alike

The WOW program brings a revolutionary approach to workplace wellness. With our comprehensive virtual health benefits, employees enjoy a range of wellness services at their fingertips. Employers, in turn, benefit from a healthier, more productive workforce with no added cost.

Benefits for Employees

Your Health, Your Priority

  • Unlimited Virtual Health Access: From primary care to urgent care, employees have unlimited access to health services.
  • Family Inclusive Care: The whole family can benefit from our health education and wellness concierge services.
  • Zero Cost, Maximum Benefit: Enjoy these benefits at no cost to you or your employer.

Benefits for Employers

Invest in Your Team's Health, Without the Financial Burden

  • Recruit and Retain Talent: A robust wellness program can be a key differentiator for prospective and current employees.
  • Tax Incentives: Employers can leverage tax incentives, ensuring that the program is financially feasible.
  • No Direct Costs: The program is designed to be cost-neutral to employers while offering significant value to employees.

Understanding the Legislation

Navigating the Tax Landscape

  • Taxability of Wellness Rewards: While some wellness incentives are taxable, others, like specific medical care benefits, may be non-taxable.
  • Leveraging Tax Exemptions: Businesses can utilize tax exemptions related to medical care and employee fringe benefits.
  • Compliance and Optimization: We help employers understand and optimize their wellness programs in line with current tax laws.

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The WOW Difference

  • Easy Scheduling & Management: Employees can easily schedule appointments, contributing to a hassle-free wellness experience.

  • More Than Just Health Care: From health education to wellness concierge services, WOW offers a comprehensive wellness solution.

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