The IRS expects thorough and accurate documentation for
all ERC claims. Do not leave your claim to chance; read more.

Boost Your Business with the ERC Program

Boost Your Business
with the ERC Program

Many businesses qualify for six-figure refunds, and there’s no up-front fee to file. Having served hundreds of small businesses as their ERC filing service, our credibility is established through a network of partners, happy clients, and trusted advisors.

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What Our Clients Say

ERC Benefits helped me to get a significant amount of money back from the government through the ERC program. They lead us through the entire process and managed the recovery of almost $100,000 for our business! Their approach is extremely professional and efficient, keeping us informed every step of the way. We highly recommend ERC Benefits to any business looking to take advantage of this program.

Marc Arnberg
F45 Franchise Owner
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ERC Benefits helped me to understand the ERC Program, including all of the details and nuances involved with ERC processing. They effectively managed the entire process for us and allowed us to maximize our credits back from the IRS. The substantial relief money is greatly appreciated and a pleasant surprise.

Loren Katzman
Mooyah Burger Franchise Owner and Operator
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I was somewhat skeptical and very surprised when our CPA had never mentioned ERC to us. After researching and discussing it with my accountant and partner, it was obvious that the ERC program could represent a significant benefit to our business. The process was painless, and within a week of providing ERC with all of our documentation, we were told that our business qualified for a significant credit. I plan on continuing to refer ERC Benefits to my friends and business contacts.

David Case
President, Royal Palm Events
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ERC Benefits was extremely engaged throughout the process, very responsive, and helped me to understand all the nuances involved with preparing and filing for my ERC. ERC Benefits is a dedicated team of ERC tax experts and I would recommend them highly to any business looking to take advantage of the ERC program.

Jason Thomas
F45 Fitness Franchise Owner
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Thank you for all that you have done for our business. ERCB was able to help our company when we needed it most. Prior to engaging with your company, I had interviewed several other companies and settled on ERCB because of the professional approach and personal attention. Working with your team was a pleasure and the communication was spot on. We were always informed throughout the process. Your team's knowledge of home health care agencies and how they and we were directly affected, was instrumental in qualifying our business for ERC. And best of all, we received our checks from the US Treasury faster than we had expected. I would happily recommend ERC Benefits to any company who has not filed for their ERC. Thank you so much!

Ehimemen Iboaya MD
Visiting Angels Owner

About Us & How We Can Help Maximize Your ERC Refund

ERC Benefits is a group of experts dedicated to assisting businesses in taking advantage of lucrative government cash subsidies and incentive programs. Our experienced ERC Tax Experts have recovered over $200 million for over 1,000 satisfied customers through the ERC Program. Having served a range of businesses, we're committed to regulatory compliance, privacy, data security, and above all, client satisfaction and results!

Maximize Your ERC Refund
You could receive a total credit of
or more.*

*based on the average amount our clients receive

Trusted ERC Filing Service

It’s your money. Keep more of it.

The Employee Retention Credit is a payroll tax refund from the IRS. It’s money you paid to the government on your employees’ behalf, so you never have to pay it back.

Not only does ERC Benefits strive to get you every dollar you’re entitled to, but we offer competitive rates on a sliding scale. The larger your return, the lower our fees. Shop around and discover why we’re the most trusted name in helping businesses like yours file for the ERC.


Do I Qualify for ERC?

You likely qualify for the ERC refund if you
experienced one of the following:

Read more about Employee Retention Credit eligibility and requirements here.

Own a small or medium-sized business, franchise, or nonprofit

Retained at least three W-2 employees in 2020 and 2021

Had revenue or operations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

Did you receive a PPP loan? You’re still eligible!

Did you start a business during the pandemic? Click here for the Recovery Startup Business Credit.


Many Industries Have Claimed the ERC Grant

So many industries have claimed big refunds. You can, too...

See how easy it is to claim your refund with us


Our simple step-by-step qualification form will give you an estimate of what your potential ERC return could be.

Gather Data

Talk to your personal ERC consultant, answer a few more questions, and use our secure portal to upload your tax and payroll documents.


We’ll tell you exactly how much money you’ll get back from the IRS, then prepare and file the amended 941-X payroll returns if you wish to proceed.

Get Paid!

The IRS will process your amended returns and mail a check directly to you!

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